About company

Rayan Abdul Rahman Mufti Law Office was established in the year 2414 AH corresponding to (3200), under a license
Practice of the Profession No. (4293), issued by the Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is an office
He specializes in law enforcement and legal consultations and provides many services in the fields of
Pleading and litigation, representing clients before judicial authorities, and establishing and registering companies and representing them
Before the courts, judicial and quasi-judicial committees, and judicial authorities, while providing support services
Legal services for entrepreneurs, various types of electronic documentation services, and arbitration services
Commercial, real estate, labor, criminal, and personal status issues, in addition to
Settlement of disputes through conciliation, mediation, arbitration, and providing Sharia consultations
And legal solutions for individuals and companies, and all of this is done with high quality in accordance with controls and regulations
Legal and international standards, with the knowledge of an elite group of qualified lawyers and legal advisors
With professional experience in the legal and Sharia fields.

Rayan Abdulrahman Mufti

Our vision

Our vision is to become a leading law firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that delivers high-quality legal services and advice with a professional approach.

Our message

We seek to provide innovative legal services and solutions to individuals and companies across various fields while adhering to the highest standards of quality, transparency, effectiveness, and speed of completion.

Our values

Believing in the importance of mastering work to the fullest extent, we make absolute commitment and practical application of the following values: